VOR 70 (Ericsson - Abn Amro)
Written by Francesco Bussi   
This kind of boat appeared in the 2005-2006 Volvo round the World Race edition.
These boat differ from the previous 60 ft version not only for a greater lenght but also for innovative solutions like canting keel systems.
The models were designed by me, observing a great number of the real boat photos and some sketches of the design team.
In future the model, like the real one, will have a canting keel system and a asymmetrical Spi.

Like illbruck challenge design, hydrostatic calculation are made using the program maxsurf academic and the bulb was designd using a numerical fluid dynamics software used in my university department. In this case was tried the entire bulb-fin configuration.
Because i did't have the original one photos ,this bulb model is near classic, the only particularitity is a section with different curving beams on the upper and lower part.

I thank Federico for the page he gives me on his site.

Francesco Bussi

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