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Written by Federico   
I came up with the idea of building a model of Luna Rossa in 1999 while the original was racing in Auckland. It was my first trial in rc sailing: i had been sailing full scale and building rc airplanes so i decided to merge both things.
The starting point has been a plan found on an italian modelling mag. At the beginning I slightly modified it but later I realized I wanted my own Luna Rossa. I started designing her from scratch with a CAD program using as a reference photos of the original boat and guessed specs found on sailing magazines and on the net.

For further information about the plan and to download it, go to this page .
Construction is classical: plywood stations and balsa planks with a cloth of fiberglass and epoxy resin. Planking was the toughest part of the work but the result was worth all the effort. The hull weighed just a bit more than a fiberglass hull but it was much stronger and stiffer.

Mast and boom are made of carbon. For the mast i bought a full-size conical sail batten in a sail loft. To obtain the proper "pear shaped" section i glued on the batten a small carbon tube, filled with epoxy+microballoons both sides and cut the mainsail's slot with the dremel. Spreaders are made of balsa and fiberglass, shaped to aerodynamic profile to minimize drag.

Appendages too are made of wood and fiberglassed: balsa for the rudder and plywood for the daggerboard. The bulb is made of casted lead. Bulb's shape and rudder/daggerboard's sections were optimized to have the maximum lift/drag ratio using a free software called Xfoil and a CFD code I had access to at university.

Sails are made of polyester and mylar: I used a self built camber board to put panels together to obtain the proper shape. Mainsail's battens are made of light plastic but I'm still not satisfied with them: I'm going to experiment more.

After almost two years since the beginning of the project she had her maiden voyage. My main concern was for the balance but she is pretty neutral and a pleasure to sail. The rudder resulted a bit small: at low speed she doesn't steer well so I'm going to enlarge it. I'm sorry i still have no decent pics of her sailing. After lots of work, seeing her accelerating upwind, heeled, makes me breathe Hauraki Gulf's air and pays me back of all the evenings spent with glued hands!

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